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We are a non profit organisation that does not receive any government funding. We rely on competitive grants, donations and fundraising, if you can help, please donate to us today! Follow this link to learn about different methods of giving with the Spinal Cord Society

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If you can't afford to donate your money,  please consider contacting us to donate your time......if you have a particular skill in mind that you think would help, even better! Through volunteering, you can build valuable skills and help us on our journey to giving hope to those with Spinal Cord Injuries.

Spinal Cord Society - We Are One

Spinal Cord Society NZ (SCSNZ) aims to develop effective treatment for people with spinal cord injuries.  These injuries cause paralysis and complete loss of skin sensation.  Severe spinal injury is a devastating problem for affected people and their families. 

We are a national organisation and have set up our research laboratory in Dunedin.  The research is funded from Charitable Organisations and donations from the Community.  The Laboratory is led by Clinical Director Dr Jim Faed, research scientist Dr Paul Turner and Technician Vicky Nelson.

Change is possible if we dare to take the first step!

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