noela"We need to find a treatment for paralysis"

- Noela Vallis, Founder Spinal Cord Society

Noela Vallis is the visionary behind the New Zealand Spinal Cord Society. The Society that is researching to find a treatment for paralysis! Noela’s late husband Keith suffered an accident in 1984 incapacitating him with paraplegia.  This led her on an adventure searching globally for researchers and partners which eventuated in a laboratory being built in the Centre For Innovation in Dunedin. It was, and still is, Noela’s vision to find a cure for those suffering with spinal injuries. She established the SCSNZ to raise funds to support effective research toward this goal in New Zealand.

What I’d like to see is a future where if you break your neck or your back, you’re treated for a few weeks and then you’re back to work. Just like if you had broken an arm or a leg.” ~ Noela Vallis ~