At the Spinal Cord Society NZ Inc. (SCSNZ), we’re working towards effective treatment for spinal cord injuries (SCI) with research involving adult stem cells that have the potential to be used as a regenerative medicine, not only for SCI but also auto-immune diseases such as Type-1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

As a non-profit organization we are extremely grateful to partner with KILO NZ, who are a major importer of wholefoods, providing NZ’s general public with wholesale nuts, seeds, grainola, coconut products and more at the sharpest prices possible!

Tim, the founder of Kilo, who’s 6 year old son has Type-1 Diabetes is hugely passionate about finding a cure. So much so that he is making a monthly donation from Kilo NZ to SCSNZ,  as well as offering a 7.5% discount for our members. Its simple -  for any purchases add the unique code: CURE to receive the discount ( in the discount code at checkout). If you order over $100 worth you get FREE shipping!

The funds raised flows straight back into the research and work that we do here at SCSNZ so you can eat good and do good at the same time! Head over to make your healthy wholefood purchases today at Kilo NZ.