SCSNZ has two areas of focus, a research programme that looks at both type 1 diabetes (T1D) and spinal cord injury therapies centred on stem cells and the establishment of a stem cell production facility to provide stem cells for clinical trials.

These adult bone marrow stem cells can turn off auto-immune responses which is why we are interested in using them as a treatment in T1D. Many groups are investigating them for the same reason in a range of auto immune diseases.

The stem cell production facility is a large, longer term project.

From the library of bone marrow stem cells we have now completed initial comparisons from the two groups (T1D and Non T1 Control) across a number of properties.

The results that this project has thrown up are very interesting and we will continue investigating further and aim to publish a second peer-reviewable paper in early 2017.

The information and knowledge gained and published, including methodologies, will prove to be an invaluable resource for educating fellow researchers who choose to expand research in this field and will help move us a step closer to clinical trial phase.

Below is a video that we put together with our volunteers, in November and highlights what a cure would mean to them!

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